AITScan FindIR™ Services

Our Thermal Mapping Services provide aerial infrared solutions for a variety of problems including roof moisture, steam leaks, pollution, and more.

Aerial infrared image showing a survey of roof moisture
Roof Moisture FindIR™

Innovative methods for detecting leaks and moisture issues for large roofs.

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Aerial Infrared Survey showing discovered underground steam leak
Steam Leak FindIR™

Detect/pinpoint underground leaks in your steam distribution system.

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Infrared scan showing a source of water pollution detected
Pollution FindIR™

Identify and locate exact sources of water contamination.

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Animal FindIR™

Quickly and effectively count and identify a variety of animal types in a given habitat.

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Landfill Fire FindIR™

Detect and pinpoint exact location and extent of sub-surface fires.

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HTHW Leak FindIR™

Discover problem areas for underground system lines.

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